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5 reasons Spider-Man joining Civil War still won’t be like the comics

So Sony finally admitted they don’t know what the fuck they are doing with comic book movies and have let Marvel/Disney have a turn. Bravo Sony, bravo. Has this news forced me to choke on my own words regarding Captain America:…
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How Marvel movies killed the secret identity

Speculation (as always) is rife within the Marvel cinematic universe. But clearly interesting to take note of is Civil War being chosen as the title for Captain America 3. We knew there would be an infinity war storyline as it…
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Telltale Game of Thrones game (of thrones)

Telltale games have worked hard to establish a high pedigree. Defining their own genre of interactive storybook adventures, containing mature themes, presentation and content. The impact Telltale has made on casual and hardcore gamers alike is without question. Just how…
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New Mad Max Fury Road Trailer is Madly Furious Car-nage

The previous trailer for Mad Max Fury Road elevated the long-awaited next installment in the Mad Max series from cringing hope that it wouldn’t suck to mind-blowing vindication of any doubts. It was like a high-octane distillation of everything that…
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The Street Art of Portugal : Lisbon

Grafiti has been a part of human culture and expression since the first primate to  draw in the primordial mud. It was used to comunicate ideas and statements, simply declaring “I exist!” Sadly it is associated with modern urban decay…
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Interstellar: It’s all Relative

Christopher Nolan is a director that “visionary” and “auteur” monikers seem to be thrown at and stick to frequently and it is deservedly so. Nolan reinvented Batman and redefined the superhero movie genre. He bent our minds with Memento, The…
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