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Glory: The Complete Saga – Strangers in paradise goes Liefeld

Rob Liefeld, his art style and story-lines erupted into the 90’s with a particular brash pre-pubescent energy that seems so kitsch and embarrassing to us now looking back. This critique of the 40 worst Rob Liefeld drawings had me in…
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Manhattan : Rad Men

War, war never changes… There is something inherently creepy about WW2 era wartime technological advancement. Not just the easy go to archetype of the Nazi mad scientist. The idea that terrifying secret research and technology was being undertaken by all…
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5 Reasons Gina Carano would be a better Wonder Woman

Full disclosure I am firmly on team Carano for coulda, shoulda, woulda revisionist casting. Gal Gadot’s casting as Wonder Woman. I cant see it, I’m seeing it and I still cant see it. This casting has ignited more controversy in…
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5 unknown(ish) actors cast as Superheroes

Casting is always a minefield. People have strong opinions when pre-existing characters are adapted into film or television productions. None more so than the vocal majority of comic book readers. They have spent decades with these characters often from childhood….
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Hitch your trailer – MAD MAX: FURY ROAD

  The phrase “Genre Defining” gets thrown around a lot when the movie hype train is underway. Expectations are built up higher than most directors can deliver. Trailers are often the sugar cube with a bitter pill in the center…
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