Monthly Archive: September 2014

Completely Entertained: The Digital Nomad Edition

Hello Completely Entertained readers! Firstly apologies for the slowdown in content, I thought it would be an idea to let you people know what’s up. Don’t worry, everything’s cool like Fonzie but I am soon to be leaving my home…
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5 devices Apple stole that revolutionised the industry

Apple, it could be said; Often late to the party, but always arrives with the Jagermeister. On the heels of the of the announcement of the larger iPhone 6 and the “not iWatch”, its apparent Apple for better or worse…
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Battle Angel: The greatest James Cameron film never made

In case there is any doubt, James Cameron makes good movies, if you are thinking of big budget destructa-thon shit-fests (that you still go to see anyway) that’s Michael Bay. By degrees of contrast Cameron’s megalomaniacal perfectionism is as legendary…
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