Vampire Hunting Glitch hop

In doing my Dracula untold review I unearthed a musical collaboration I had done with the Canadian open-source MC Proteus, written nearly a decade ago, surprisingly it still sounds pretty current .(Yes I was so hipster I was dubstep before…
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5 underground EDM bands that make Daft Punk seem lazy

  In the spirit of unbiased award-winning music journalism, this is just my opinion on a bunch of bands I like.   Daft Punk are one of those iconic outfits that helped  popularize Electronic Dance Music worldwide. From their catchy…
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Com Truise : Surfing Nostalgia’s Synthwaves

We are a culture constantly recycling and reinventing itself. When we look back to our immediate past we wonder with horror “What were we thinking?” After putting decades between ourselves and the past we look back with longing. This is…
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