The Street Art of Portugal : Lisbon

Grafiti has been a part of human culture and expression since the first primate to  draw in the primordial mud. It was used to comunicate ideas and statements, simply declaring “I exist!” Sadly it is associated with modern urban decay…
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Gone Girl: Close to home

Gone Girl is an uncomfortable movie to watch, not because of overt sexuality, violence or gore (although they make a brief appearance). Also there may be spoilers, if you haven’t seen it go see, if you haven’t seen it and…
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Completely Entertained: The Digital Nomad Edition

Hello Completely Entertained readers! Firstly apologies for the slowdown in content, I thought it would be an idea to let you people know what’s up. Don’t worry, everything’s cool like Fonzie but I am soon to be leaving my home…
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5 ways to combat the hype

Product hype can be the equivalent of waking up early on Christmas morning, rushing down to open your presents, hoping for a new console, game or bike and finding every present is socks and underwear (you know you are old…
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Robin Williams: 1951-2014

Art in whatever form its presented is the only tangible magic humanity experiences every day, its ability to transport us, listening to music, looking at a painting or to make us care about characters and forget we are watching imaginary…
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Com Truise : Surfing Nostalgia’s Synthwaves

We are a culture constantly recycling and reinventing itself. When we look back to our immediate past we wonder with horror “What were we thinking?” After putting decades between ourselves and the past we look back with longing. This is…
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