New Mad Max Fury Road Trailer is Madly Furious Car-nage

The previous trailer for Mad Max Fury Road elevated the long-awaited next installment in the Mad Max series from cringing hope that it wouldn’t suck to mind-blowing vindication of any doubts.

It was like a high-octane distillation of everything that made the Mad Max series hum and growl like the last of the V8 interceptors.

The new trailer only adds fuel to the fire, by way of musical homage in a twisted mash-up between Clockwork Orange and Battle Royale.

Trying to imagine what this will look like in eye gouging 3D when it already looks like moving concept art is a clear signal George Miller is now way beyond giving any fucks if they ever indeed existed.

Some low-level spoilarage makes it look like the Tom Hardy’s Max and Charlize Theron’s Imperitor Furiosa come to a grudging truce / enemy of my enemy situation while they are pursued because of the stolen slave women/concubines/soilent green skincream? Movies like Dredd have shown they don’t need to be complex to convey character, action, momentum and drama. They just need to be good at what they do.

Movies like this don’t happen often, not with this level of skill, practical effects and visual impact.

Even if it consists of just cars exploding for 2 hours it will be of a level of quality that Michael Bay and the Fast and the Furious movies could only imagine in their wildest delusions of grandeur.


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