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5 reasons Spider-Man joining Civil War still won’t be like the comics

So Sony finally admitted they don’t know what the fuck they are doing with comic book movies and have let Marvel/Disney have a turn. Bravo Sony, bravo. Has this news forced me to choke on my own words regarding Captain America:…
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How Marvel movies killed the secret identity

Speculation (as always) is rife within the Marvel cinematic universe. But clearly interesting to take note of is Civil War being chosen as the title for Captain America 3. We knew there would be an infinity war storyline as it…
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6 reasons Guardians of the Galaxy heralds the comic book movie implosion

Oh that tagline, “That guy must really hate comics or movies, or comic book movies.” you think to yourself. I spent two hours drawing Rocket Raccoon, I can’t be that hateful. I have a long history, a love affair or…
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Glory: The Complete Saga – Strangers in paradise goes Liefeld

Rob Liefeld, his art style and story-lines erupted into the 90’s with a particular brash pre-pubescent energy that seems so kitsch and embarrassing to us now looking back. This critique of the 40 worst Rob Liefeld drawings had me in…
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5 unknown(ish) actors cast as Superheroes

Casting is always a minefield. People have strong opinions when pre-existing characters are adapted into film or television productions. None more so than the vocal majority of comic book readers. They have spent decades with these characters often from childhood….
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