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5 reasons Spider-Man joining Civil War still won’t be like the comics

So Sony finally admitted they don’t know what the fuck they are doing with comic book movies and have let Marvel/Disney have a turn. Bravo Sony, bravo. Has this news forced me to choke on my own words regarding Captain America:…
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5 ways to combat the hype

Product hype can be the equivalent of waking up early on Christmas morning, rushing down to open your presents, hoping for a new console, game or bike and finding every present is socks and underwear (you know you are old…
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5 Reasons Gina Carano would be a better Wonder Woman

Full disclosure I am firmly on team Carano for coulda, shoulda, woulda revisionist casting. Gal Gadot’s casting as Wonder Woman. I cant see it, I’m seeing it and I still cant see it. This casting has ignited more controversy in…
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