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Interstellar: It’s all Relative

Christopher Nolan is a director that “visionary” and “auteur” monikers seem to be thrown at and stick to frequently and it is deservedly so. Nolan reinvented Batman and redefined the superhero movie genre. He bent our minds with Memento, The…
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C O M P A N Y: Chapter 5. Underscore

Preceded by COMPANY: Chapter 4. Skipper the Yeti and B4k3r Hendrix steered the now quite intoxicated Martin by his shoulders out of the club. “This is all fucked, I am through being afraid.” Martin slurred. “Yeah man I know that feeling,…
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C O M P A N Y: Chapter 4. Skipper the Yeti and B4k3r

Preceded by Chapter 3 CTRL ALT DEL The fizzing glow of Faradaze signage was an illuminated empty birdcage with the door open. Because, Symbolism. The air was thick with contrabrand and garbled data. Strippers in glowing underwarez arched and writhed…
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C O M P A N Y: Chapter 3. CTRL ALT DEL 

    It was mid afternoon, Martin knew he had been compromised, the scrambler should have made the conversations pissed against the porcelain mathematically irretrievable. It would have to have been frozen and the wave files reassembled from the jumble….
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C O M P A N Y: Chapter 2. Raw Meetings

Preceded by Chapter 1 Viva La Escalation     “Strawberry milkshake, por favor, gracias” “Um Kaisar salad please.” Martin was rubbing his ear, still ringing from the escalation. “Mmm thats a good milkshake.” “This whole thing is fucked, Hefe, I…
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