The Street Art of Portugal : Lisbon

Grafiti has been a part of human culture and expression since the first primate to  draw in the primordial mud.

It was used to comunicate ideas and statements, simply declaring “I exist!”

Sadly it is associated with modern urban decay and the artless visual dog spray that is tagging but this is changing too, many councils are getting behind urban artists to beautify areas which are in turn (usually) respected by taggers to be left untouched.

Also artists such as Banksy use it as a cultural satire elevating it to a form of surrealist meta performance art.

With Many buildings in states of ruin, conservation and restoration in Portugal there has been an amazing outpouring of talent and much urban canvas to be had.

At times I would be struck by some street art enough to cross the road to inspect it closely, taking photos to capture it as best as I could.

In Portugal with its miryad of painted tiles adorning most every surface it seems a natural step with street art springing up as an extension of this. Here is a country that was not scolded for drawing on its walls as a child but encouraged.

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